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        Picture: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V./Madlen Wetzel Unser Verband, Picture: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V./Madlen Wetzel

We introduce ourselves Our region and the tourism association Ruppiner Seenland e. V.

From the northern gates of Berlin to the Mecklenburg Lake District: with 2,000 kilometres of interconnected waterways and more than 300 lakes, the Ruppiner Seenland, part of the largest inland water region in Europe and a paradise for water tourists, extends here. It is made up of the Brandenburg districts of Oberhavel and Ostprignitz-Ruppin - excluding the former districts of Wittstock and Kyritz. Surrounded by dense forests in the north and wide fields in the southern part of the Ruppiner Seenland, 400 years of Brandenburg-Prussian history can also be experienced here in architecture and culture. Whether you are a quality-conscious couple or a family looking to slow down - here you can breathe deeply and experience adventure in equal measure!

The tourism association Ruppiner Seenland e.V. was founded in 1997. Its mission is to promote the sustainable development of tourism and to strengthen tourism as an economic factor through close cooperation with its members and tourism stakeholders in the region. To this end, the association works closely with the Brandenburg Tourism Association, TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH and other tourism organisations in the state of Brandenburg. The Ruppiner Seenland Tourism Association has its office in the Fontane city of Neuruppin.

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Our team

Itta Olaj
Itta Olaj, Picture: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V./Uta Rademacher

Itta Olaj

Phone: 03391 659637

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Jannika Olesch
Jannika Olesch, Picture: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V./Michelle Engel

Jannika Olesch

Marketing & Editing
Phone: 03391 659634



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Michelle Engel
Michelle Engel , Picture: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V./Itta Olaj

Michelle Engel

Marketing & Product Management
Phone: 03391 659631

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Beatrice Kluzikowski
Beatrice Kluzikowski , Picture: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V./Itta Olaj

Beatrice Kluzikowski

Office Management & Accounting
Phone: 03391 659635

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Jörg Bartz
Jörg Bartz , Picture: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V./Itta Olaj

Jörg Bartz

Tours & Accessibility
Phone: 03391 659631

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Marylou Reichrath

Marylou Reichrath

Phone: 03391 659636

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Association work in detail

Whether further education and internal communication, trade fair and promotional work, creation of themed brochures and maps, press and public relations work or market research - with our work in internal and external marketing we strengthen the tourism of the region.

Among other things, we are a member of the "Natur-Aktiv" network, which is administratively located at the "Verband zur Förderung des ländlichen Raumes in der Region Brandenburg-Berlin e.V" (pro agro) and is committed to tourism topics such as cycling, water and hiking tourism. In addition, we are a founding member of the "AG Leichter Reisen - Barrierefreie Urlaubsziele in Deutschland" (AG Easy Travel - Accessible Destinations in Germany) to enable travel for all.

Committee work: Member of the board of trustees of the Stechlin-Ruppiner Land Nature Park, LEADER region Upper Havel, LAG Ostprignitz-Ruppin.

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Our association members

  • Kreisverwaltung Oberhavel
  • Kreisverwaltung Ostprignitz-Ruppin
  • Amt Gransee und Gemeinden
  • Amt Temnitz
  • Fontanestadt Neuruppin
  • Fremdenverkehrsverein Zehdenick e.V.
  • Gemeinde Fehrbellin
  • Naturpark Stechlin-Ruppiner Land
  • Regio Nord mbH
  • Stadt Kremmen
  • Stadt Lindow (Mark)
  • Stadt Rheinsberg
  • Stadtwerke Neuruppin GmbH
  • Tourismus-Service BürgerBahnhof GmbH
  • Tourismusverein Fürstenberger Seenland e.V.
  • Tourismusverein Oranienburg und Umland e.V.
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Our Partners

  • Industrie- und Handelskammer Potsdam (IHK)
  • Landestourismusverband Brandenburg e.V.
  • Nachbarreisegebiete: Prignitz, Barnimer Land, Uckermark, Havelland, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
  • Naturparke: Stechlin-Ruppiner Land, Uckermärkische Seen, Barnim, Westhavelland Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Neuruppin (TGZ)
  • TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH
  • pro agro - Verband zur Förderung des ländlichen Raumes im Land Brandenburg e.V.
  • REG Regionalentwicklungsgesellschaft Nordwestbrandenburg mbH
  • WInTO - Wirtschaft-, Innovations- und Tourismusförderung Oberhavel GmbH
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Statutes and contribution rules

Here you can download our statutes and the contribution rules as documents:

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