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    Traveling by houseboats and rafts

    Still waters run …crystal clear.

    Still waters run …crystal clear.

  • Traveling by housboats and rafts

Houseboat vacation or excursion by raft Adventure on the water

Is there anything more beautiful than discovering the magnificent natural landscape of the Ruppiner Seenland from the water - and not only letting your legs dangle, but also your soul?

Whether by barrier-free houseboat, motorized yacht or rustic raft à la Tom Sawyer: in Germany's largest contiguous water district you will experience an unforgettable boating vacation. Discover the region's most beautiful boat tours through unspoiled river landscapes and idyllic lakes, along the Rhin, the Ruppiner Canal or along the Havel from Fürstenberg to Berlin. Many routes can be explored without a boating license and offer ideal conditions for a vacation with the family.

So start practicing a few sailor's knots now for your upcoming boating vacation and then: Ahoi!

  1. The most beautiful boat tours through the Ruppiner Seenland
  2. Book houseboats easily online
  3. Boat rentals at a glance
  4. Here you can moor: Marinas and harbors
  5. How to become an environmentally conscious houseboat professional
  6. Further information
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Just book online

What type of boat would you like, how many friends and family members will come along? When should your houseboat tour begin and where would you like to start? Through our partner "5 Anker" you are sure to find the right houseboat for your next holiday on the water. Click here to go to the boat selection.

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Here you can rent your boat

Here you can dock: Marinas and harbors

How to become an environmentally conscious houseboat professional

  1. Consideration & rules save lives

    Stay mindful to protect yourself and others! The right-hand rule and "right before left" also apply on the water. When overtaking, please keep a generous distance. Attention: Commercial shipping always has the right of way! Furthermore, privately used, motor-driven boats must give way to wind- and muscle-powered pleasure boats. Sailors and surfers have right of way over rowboats, kayaks and SUPs. Also find out in advance about current water levels, construction work and lock times.

  2. Let nature be natural

    Densely vegetated shoreline areas are habitats for numerous species of wildlife. Keep your boat away from sensitive shoreline areas and skirt shallow waters. Official entry and exit points, as well as moorings and harbors, are signposted and marked. Make sure that no trash is left behind in nature!

  3. Just switch off (everything)

    Vacation means switching off. If you leave your jukeboxes turned off, you can listen to nature all the better: The cawing of cranes, the flirting and singing of reed warblers or the chirping of crickets in the early evening. Nothing is more restful than listening to the silence on the water. For the sake of nature and those around you, avoid too loud conversations and shouts. And beware: The well-known alcohol limit from road traffic also applies to road users on the water!

Yellow wave

Yellow wave

Swim on the yellow wave! This highly visible symbol marks mooring opportunities for water tourists.

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What else you should know...

Good to know

Useful information for recreational captains

Whether closure times of federal waterways, navigation rules, water levels or driver's license information: At ELWIS, the electronic waterway information service, you will find all important information for your boating vacation.

Lock times on federal waterways

The operating times of the locks on navigable federal waterways can be found on the website of the Brandenburg State Office for Construction and Transport.

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Map material

On our water map of the Ruppiner Seenland you will find all waters and waterways of the region marked.

Barrier-free houseboat vacation with the family

It can be so beautiful: Read the experience report (in german!) about the 8-day family adventure tour with the barrier-free houseboat across the Havel.

More experiences in the water paradise

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